Professional Headshot: How to dress for your session.

Although, any kind of outfit can go well if it is done in a non-extravagant way, we believe that for a Professional headshot session, it is best to dress wisely. For instance, let’s suppose you are shooting for your corporate law firm, you wouldn’t show up in a ripped jean jacket, right? So for both you and your photographer, there’s a few important tips that will bring out the best of your session. Without further ado…

Stay with Your Professional Image

Number one in our list is showcasing your character. Are you an entrepreneur who doesn’t like wearing a traditional three piece suit? Wear a tailored dress shirt that fits nicely around your neck region and pair it with a sport coat. Are you a fashion designer? Wear dresses with perfect color combination with a slight touch of casual. Overall, getting a headshot for your business places your face to the forefront of your brand. This means that there isn’t necessarily a right and wrong way to present yourself. It simply depends on your brand image. But a good rule of thumb should be to consider how you’d want to present yourself to a new client and then dress accordingly

Professional Headshot Photography

Never Overdress for Your Session

Secondly, this must be said. Your headshot is not couture nor a fashion show that you need to overdress for. Though, it is alright to experiment with various options, keep in mind that simplicity is key. Jewelry such as necklaces, and large earrings should be avoided. Overdressing with unnecessary embellishments can quickly draw away attention from the the most important feature…your face.

Keep it Clean

At last, when opting for dresses for your professional headshot, never be too specific. Always be open to various options. Then choose what represents best your character and your personality. In addition to that, make sure the clothes you wear are neat and clean. Nobody would like to see a stain on your formal shirt in a professional headshot. Moreover, this goes without saying that make sure your clothes are not full of wrinkles and missing buttons. Also, if you are a woman, avoid any sort of dangling bra straps or deep plunging tops. To add on, even minor makeup stains can all take away the headshot’s beauty. Additionally, for those who wear glasses. This goes on without saying that wear some nice glasses that compliment your face shape. Ideally you would want to bring every pair of glasses you own to the session. This will allow you and your photographer to choose the best pair that matches your outfit and reduce any glare coming from the softbox because that might hinder the overall quality of your images.

To sum everything up, the most important thing with a headshot is that they need to capture your personality, and choosing the right dress can make or break that one-time moment. So, treat your wardrobe nicely and search for various color combinations that can enhance the aura you want to represent in your brand. This goes for both, the photographer, and the model. Lastly, we sincerely hope that our answer added some insight to your knowledge. Best of luck!

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Leonard Herndon is a professional photographer based in Phoenix Arizona. From events to professional headshots, he is passionate about capturing a moment in time using the tools around him. Follow him on Instagram