Tips: Making your headshots stand out for recruiters, and talent agencies

It is not just how you look but how you carry yourself that makes you stand out as a person. The same concept can be applied to photography. The way you pose yourself in front of the camera can make a huge difference. To simply put it up you cannot pass up an angry smirk for a dating profile, right? There must be a genuine smile and innocence on your face and as a portrait photographer, you must communicate it to your clients. So, without further ado, let us begin with the tips that will certainly make your client’s photograph stand out for whatever purpose they want.


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from https://www.pexels.com/

Communicate with them

First and foremost, you should be able to communicate with your client and inquire them about what their preferences are. Maybe get to know them too so you can photograph their genuine and positive face that depicts their personality accurately. Let’s suppose the client wants a headshot for a dating site. Now, you as a photographer should be able to snap a photo of them that best accentuates their positive persona. You could perhaps tell them to pass on a genuine smile so others can witness their best side.

Help them with clothing and props

Secondly, clothing is equally as important as anything else in portrait photography. A good headshot needs to showcase professionalism and for that to occur, proper dressing needs to be done. This, however, doesn’t mean you overdress them. That will just make them look silly for the camera. Also, be conscious about the props. For example, it is best to include a bowtie when taking a headshot for dating or perhaps a simple tie that goes along well with the model’s shirt for a corporate headshot. Moreover, be sure to have their clothes properly ironed and clean from any sort of stains or unnecessary folds. You don’t want to see a hanging button or worn off the collar in a headshot.

Lighting and Framing

Portrait of successful young black business executive with beard standing against staircase of lobby and crossing arms on chest

If we are talking about photography here, the list can’t go on without including any tips regarding lighting and framing. A good headshot needs to be taken chest up with lighting that is distributed equally on your face. There should be no strong shadows or harsh highlights. Moreover, the portraits should not be taken from very close as they might not look good for talent agencies or business profiles.

Lastly, the focus should be the eyes of the model and the background should be blurred and not include anything that might shift the viewer’s focus. It should be kept plain and as suave as possible. This along with perfect lighting will make the headshot look much more appealing.


To sum it all up, these were some of the tips that might help your client’s headshot stand out from every other headshot in the league. So, keep all these tips in mind, and best of luck on your photography journey.